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Saraswati, Goddess of music and Learning


Indian Music 

saa ro ga ma p Qa naI saaM


My music teacher, Vasu Ranganathan, once quoted a Kannada vachana to me, the gist of which was "He who holds the tanpura has crossed the ocean of misery". Music is truly the voice of the soul.

 This site is a mostly a repository of what I've been learning, and what I'm teaching the kids these days. I also plan to put up some music-related articles translated from Marathi here. You will need to download the Shusha font to read the Devanagari script.

The web has a huge amount of information pertaining to Indian classical music. Some of my favorite links are - some excellent audio-rich articles by Rajan Parrikar, an exhaustive site by Ravi Boppe, and the FAQ for Here is an excellent site with lots of information on Hindi bhajans, and poetry.

While this is a bit orthogonal, I thought it would be worthwhile to add some links to Indian religions (since a lot of Bhakti poetry and bhajans are mentioned). I am especially interested in the saints from Maharashtra and I've been reading a lot about Tukaram lately.